Sunday reflection

Thankful for a nice weather weekend! It was good to see people and families outside enjoying a pleasant Spring day this Sunday. After a wonderful Spirit-filled on-line Church service at 10am, we decided to visit our 2nd Granddaughter Willow – outside, about 10 feet away. That was hard, but of course necessary. We still made eye contact and enjoyed “socializing” with her and Mom and Dad from a distance!

Later in the day, I decided to take a jog since it was so nice out. Things I experienced while out for a run: a nice sunset; the fresh aroma of early Spring flowers; sporadic pockets of gnats (gotta work on running with my mouth closed more! #protein); people out walking and talking; overall, just taking in and enjoying the beauty of a new season.

Yes, the other “season” we’re in will pass. But take time to see the current beauty even in the midst of it all. A new season is coming. But bloom where you are planted today. And be thankful for God’s grace and beauty that He provides in the midst of the trial.




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